Generally, I Start This Rant About Thanksgiving . . .

. . . But seriously, can’t anyone live in the moment? Why is it Christmas in the stores in mid-November? Why are swimsuits half price when it’s still 100 degrees?

On my last trip to the grocery store, I bought a sixer of Sam Adams Octoberfest, one of my favorite seasonal beers. Ignoring the fact that I think it is delicious, I wondered WHY I could buy it in late August. Is not this still summer? I believe the long-held complaint about the “dog days of summer” applies to this time of the year. Kids are generally irked that they have to go back to school because, “It’s still summer.” I feel them. (Except for the fact that when they grow up and have to go to work, things will be much worse.) Why must we look ahead instead of enjoying the moment and season that we are in?

A truly weighty question, one I’ll need to ponder with another sip of Octoberfest. In August.


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