Glad that 100 is over

My Deal

I want to write for you if you want something interesting communicated. I like to learn new things, and to share what I know with others in entertaining or enlightening ways. My areas of expertise include local government, the environment and outdoors, transportation and public relations. Let me know if I can be of service.

My Story

I'm a recovering journalist and PR professional putting myself out here as a writer for hire and to do what makes me happy -- writing. My resume

Meet Me

Craig Quintana writes for a living, having worked for the Los Angeles Times, the Orlando Sentinel and the Idaho Statesman, covering everything from local and state government to the environment and the space program. In recent years, Craig wrote about roads as a highway department’s communications chief, but now slings sentences as a freelancer versed in transportation, local government, environmental issues and outdoor recreation, capable of creating press releases and webpage copy. Craig enjoys walking his dogs with Barbara, his wonderful wife of 30 years, cracking a quick quip and riding his bikes over roads, trails and snow.

Craig -- without glasses